The Best Whale Watching Souvenirs To Take Home From Juneau

Are you planning a trip to Juneau? If so, you’re in for an amazing time!

One of the most rewarding activities during your stay will be whale watching.

But don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs from your trip to remember it by.

We’ve rounded up the best whale watching souvenirs so that you can take home something special from your Juneau adventure.

From t-shirts and mugs to hats and postcards, there’s something for everyone – no matter how much space you have in your suitcase.

So read on and start planning what souvenir you want to take home with you!

Whale Watching T-Shirt

Whether you’ve seen the majestic creatures in person or from afar, a Whale Watching T-Shirt is a great way to commemorate your experience and carry it with you long after your trip.

It’s also a great reminder of the importance of marine conservation and learning more about whale behavior. The shirt can feature pictures or illustrations of whales, along with phrases like “Save the Whales” or “I Believe in Marine Conservation” to show off your commitment to protecting these gentle giants.

Some even have images related to Juneau, like mountains, glaciers, and seascapes that make for a beautiful and meaningful souvenir. A Whale Watching T-Shirt will be sure to bring joy for many years as you look back on memories of watching these awe-inspiring sea creatures.

The next best souvenir from your whale watching excursion is a Whale Watching Mug – perfect for sipping hot drinks as you reminisce about your time spent observing whales in their natural habitat and finding the best souvenirs to take home!

Whale Watching Mug

A whale watching mug from Juneau is the perfect way to remember your special experience forever. Whether you choose a one-of-a-kind handmade mug or opt for a store bought version, these whale watching gifts are sure to make any fan of nature and marine life excited.

For an extra special memento, consider purchasing one of the tour packages offered in Juneau that includes a souvenir mug. Featuring images or artwork of humpback whales, orcas, seals and other sea creatures, these mugs will be treasured as reminders of your time out on the water in search of majestic marine mammals.

Let this mug be your daily reminder to appreciate all the beauty that can be found in nature—especially when it comes to our beloved ocean animals!

Humpback Whale Print

Nothing captures the awe of nature quite like a vibrant humpback whale print, symbolizing the power and majesty of these oceanic giants.

It’s essential to take into account whale anatomy and watching etiquette when deciding whether or not a print is suitable for your home.

Humpback whales have a distinctive body shape with large dorsal fins that can reach up to 6 feet in length. They also have powerful flukes which they use to propel themselves through the water.

When viewing these animals at sea, it’s important to remain at least 100 yards away from them, as well as maintain a steady speed and avoid making loud noises that could startle them.

A beautiful humpback whale print is an ideal souvenir for any fan of marine wildlife, reminding them of their adventures when out on the water.

Whale Watching Hat

Take your whale watching experience to the next level with a stylish and functional hat, perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes during those long days on the water!

Whether you’re taking part in whale watching tours or participating in marine conservation activities, a hat is essential for protecting yourself from the elements while allowing you to observe wildlife up close.

The hats available in Juneau are made from lightweight materials that provide breathability and comfort, as well as adjustable straps so you can adjust it if necessary.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’ll be able to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Plus, they make great souvenirs and mementos to take home after your trip!

With a fashionable whale watching hat, you’ll always have something special to remind you of the magical time spent outdoors observing nature’s wonders.

Juneau Landscape Photo

Bringing your camera on your Juneau adventure is a must – its breathtaking landscape begs to be captured and immortalized!

Nature photography in this area is especially rewarding, with the glacial mountains and the ever-changing views of water, sky and wildlife. The perfect way to relive the experience of whale watching in Juneau is by capturing it in an artistic print.

Photographs of majestic mountains, teeming wildlife, or sunsets reflecting off the deep blue water will allow you to have a piece of Alaska’s beauty long after you’ve returned home. With so many stunning places to explore around Juneau, there are plenty of opportunities for memorable images that can be treasured for years.

Whale Watching Postcards

Experiencing the beauty of Alaska’s glaciers and wildlife is an unforgettable journey, so why not capture it with some unique whale watching postcards to commemorate your trip?

From a magnificent photo of a humpback breaching in front of the Juneau skyline to a playful pod of killer whales swimming by, there are plenty of options for postcards that capture the awe-inspiring beauty of whale watching. Here are 3 great ideas:

* A stunning portrait depicting orcas swimming against a backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains.

* An underwater shot showing the gentle gracefulness of humpbacks as they swim through the glassy waters.

* A collage featuring multiple species, including belugas, gray whales, and minke whales.

These postcards make perfect souvenirs for friends and family back home – or even just for yourself!

They can also be used as decorations around your house or office to remind you daily about the amazing experiences you have had whale watching in Juneau.

No matter how you choose to use them, these beautiful postcards will be sure to spark conversations whenever someone sees them on display!


Taking home souvenirs from your Juneau whale watching trip is a great way to remember your experience!

There are plenty of options that you can choose from, such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, and prints.

Plus, don’t forget the iconic images of Juneau landscapes in the form of photos and postcards.

With these items, you’ll be able to keep the memories alive for years to come – like a fish out of water!

Don’t forget to pick up something special for yourself or someone else; it’ll be sure to bring back fond memories every time you look at it.

So go ahead and get shopping – who knows what treasures await?

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