Most Common Car Odors and How to Get Rid of Them

Investigate the area of the automobile for anything that might be the source of the common car odors. Look in the glove box, pockets, floor mats, and beneath the seats. Remove and discard any unknown blobs immediately, then leave the doors open. 

Any remaining smell will go away as a result. Don’t forget that an unpleasant scent may occasionally indicate that you need to change the oil or install car accessories for modification.

Try these strategies, available in order of least to most difficult, if sliding down the windows isn’t cutting it.

Pit Clean

Start by eliminating the odour’s obvious source. Pet and child messes respond well to air fresheners for cars or carpets and upholstery cleaners for automobiles because they don’t damage the fabrics. You can purchase a spray bottle or can with a built-in scrub brush for less than $10 from an auto parts store.

While you’re at it, check out the remainder of the interior. Clean off any sticky residue that stayed back after emptying the cupholders. Furthermore, even if it may go without saying, you can eliminate some odour sources by thoroughly sweeping your interior.

Use A Vehicle Odour Eliminator to Freshen the Air

A mouldy smell could be coming from your HVAC system if you can smell it. The damp environment is ideal for the growth of unpleasant organisms in an air conditioner’s evaporator and drain pan. Spray cans of cleaners are available for this particular duty. Purchase a can for about $7 per unit. 

Then adhere to the directions on the can’s back. Most tell you to flush the solution via the vents and into the evaporator from the drain pipe to clean the ducts.

You can use a sanitising spray to eliminate lingering common car odors like smoking. These canned goods eliminate bacteria and germs that produce odours; some contain ozone to encourage oxidation and eliminate odours. Additionally, you can use them in your home or anywhere else where there is an unwelcome odour for less than $10. Some also come with an enticing new-car scent.

You can use an aerosol anti-odour bomb if the smoking smell is solid and permanent. The whole-car odour eliminator, which is not nearly as drastic as going nuclear, sits in your car when the A/C runs at total capacity, the doors and windows are closed, and you are spewing its solution elsewhere. 

Allow the car to air out for another 15 minutes after opening the doors. These treatments effectively remove odours from all crevices and crevices where they may hide. The cost of a single-use explosive is around $10.

How Can a Car Get Rid of The Smell of Cigarette Smoke?

Do not forget that common car odors like cigarette smoke tend to find their way into the vents and other places. Spray a car odour remover through the intake valve beneath the hood and into the ducts. Don’t forget to let some fresh air in by opening all the windows and doors.

Recall that tar, a sticky material, is left behind when you smoke. Use a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar to clean the internal panelling. Add some dish soap as well if the odour persists. After finishing, dry-clean the interior surfaces.

How Can I Remove the Smell of Vomit from My Car?

Don’t forget about little children or animals that may have urinated on the upholstery or experienced a briefcase of motion sickness. Even if you had cleaned up these mishaps immediately, a more thorough cleaning may still be necessary to eliminate the smell. 

Use your 50/50 combination of water and vinegar to rehydrate the area if it has already dried. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove it after that. You can apply cat litter or a dusting of baking soda to the area to help absorb odours. 

How Can You Remove a Car’s Mildew Odour?

Another source of offensive common car odors is mildew. To experience this, all it takes is one downpour and an unseen half-open window (or even a minor leak with moisture buildup). Fortunately, eliminating mildew odours from cars is not too difficult. 

Even a hair drier might work in a hurry to assist in removing any remaining water from carpets and upholstery if a wet/dry vacuum isn’t available. You can also eliminate odours by sprinkling baking soda over the problematic area and letting it sit there for two hours while absorbing the smell.

Bottom Line

It might be time to throw in the microfiber and seek professional assistance if you’ve tried all the relevant items and techniques in this post and the car still smells terrible. Carorbis has deep-cleaning instruments and extra-strength cleaning solutions to eliminate common car odors.

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