Great recruitment software needs exceptional support services after implementation

Selecting a software supplier for your recruitment enterprise is not merely a matter of procuring a system. It entails the selection of a suitable long-term business collaborator that can assist you in achieving your objectives. The objective is to discover a superb recruitment agency software that is suitable for your enterprise.

Choosing the most appropriate recruitment database for your staffing or recruitment agency is a significant choice.

A customer relationship management platform is not merely a repository of information and a log of actions.

Your sales team’s competitive edge and revenue generation depend on having the right one. It serves as both an active driver of income and a powerful tool in the market.

The operational hub of your business lies within this very place. It is the central point where valuable insights about the overall performance of your enterprise can be derived, and where you and your management can analyze and evaluate the operations of your business. Additionally, this hub serves as the nexus for all other departments, including finance, back office, and operations, to collaborate and optimize their work.

In essence, the CRM system is the backbone of a prosperous recruitment agency. It operates as the core connection between all moving parts, allowing the business to expand and flourish to its fullest extent.

Therefore, you must carefully consider a number of factors when either purchasing or moving to a new CRM provider.

Not all CRM systems are equal

There are many recruitment CRM systems on the market. Both general-purpose and recruitment-specific CRM vendors provide a wide range of choices for potential users.

To assume that all customer relationship management (CRM) systems are fundamentally identical is a grossly inaccurate belief.

The cost, characteristics, and intricacy of CRMs differ significantly. It is incorrect to assume that all CRMs are fundamentally identical just because they attempt to address the same fundamental business concern. Doing so would mean disregarding numerous essential variations that have a direct bearing on your company’s expansion and profitability.

You are investing in something more than just a piece of technology

The selection of an appropriate CRM platform can significantly enhance the performance of your recruiters. By expediting the rate at which they complete their day-to-day responsibilities, it can eliminate redundant administrative tasks. Additionally, by utilizing intelligent features, it can proactively position recruiters to secure more revenue from the market.

Superior recruitment agency software should provide recruiters with prompts, insights, and alerts that are actionable in nature, thereby transforming them into exceptional professionals. By utilizing this software, they will work with greater speed and accuracy, surpassing their competitors and producing consistent client-candidate matches that are powered directly by their technology.

Do not tolerate bad service and functionality.

It’s common for recruitment business owners to hastily purchase their first CRM after being impressed by a polished demonstration, without conducting adequate research beforehand. As a result, when the features and support provided by the supplier fail to meet expectations and start to impede the business, they feel resigned to endure the repercussions.

When data within a business system is not effectively monetized, revenue opportunities can be missed, and potential fees amounting to thousands of pounds can go unclaimed. Regrettably, in many cases, business owners must concede that their top recruiters leave for competing agencies with better tools and systems to earn their commissions.

Businesses are not bound to their CRM platforms, whether due to inadequate support, insufficient training, or frequent encounters with system limitations. The CRM system is a crucial determinant of a company’s success, and it is detrimental to remain loyal to a subpar product or supplier.

Security should be at the forefront

Over the past few years, strong data security has become vital. The potential harm to your company from ransomware attacks is immense. These attacks can hold your data captive and even pilfer sensitive information.

Recruitment agencies and their clients are in search of a network of interconnected partners who can ensure the utmost security for the exchange of data between their operations and procedures. The objective is to establish a secure ecosystem where all parties involved can guarantee the protection of sensitive information.

In the current environment, any contemporary CRM should include enterprise-level security measures, frequent data backups, and disaster recovery solutions as a standard feature.

Recruiters continue to face supplier failures that can be described as nothing short of a nightmare. These failures include data breaches, theft, and being locked out of their own systems without warning.

In today’s world, security is becoming increasingly prioritized and should not be overlooked or treated as an optional feature in a professional CRM platform. A recruitment agency software of high caliber, therefore, must include security and risk management to protect against all ransomware attacks.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your CRM supplier is a partner in your business endeavors. This partnership exists regardless of your feelings towards it.

When acquiring a CRM, it is important to note that it is not a singular transaction where you simply sign the contract and never communicate with the vendor again.

Your CRM provider is more than just a vendor; they are a trusted partner

Achieving the most optimal results from technology necessitates dedication and hard work. This includes tasks such as configuring the software, providing adequate training, developing efficient workflows, integrating it with other tools, and organizing and uploading data. All of these efforts are essential to guaranteeing a worthwhile return on your investment.

Employing a CRM involves a genuine collaboration between the technology supplier and the end-user. The optimal approach entails both parties working tirelessly towards a mutual objective – the expansion and financial prosperity of the customer’s enterprise.

Is the recruitment CRM easy to use?

The software’s comprehensiveness will be rendered ineffective if recruiters do not utilize its features.

While intricate and impressive systems have the possibility of transforming your business, their complexity is meaningless if your team is unable to comprehend the fundamental interface and navigation. Without this understanding, there will be no advantage gained from the platform.

The bottom line for recruiters is the profitability that comes from valuable data in their CRM.

In order to effectively utilize their data, it is imperative that users have expedient and uncomplicated access to it. Additionally, they must be able to operate within a digital environment that fosters collaboration, ensuring that data can be located and manipulated with ease by numerous users in various roles throughout the company.

The ROI of your business can see a marked increase with an effective CRM system that caters to the unique needs of each user. As the CRM becomes better equipped to provide users with the information they require, the rate of ROI growth will also accelerate.

Do not rely just on the demonstration

When selecting recruitment agency software to establish your enterprise, it is important to avoid hasty decisions and take the time necessary to make an informed choice.

At the very least, you will be bound to the service provider by an initial agreement. After that, you will promptly begin allocating both time and resources toward configuring and optimizing your platform to its fullest potential.

If the product does not match fully your expectations, or is limiting your recruitment process in any way, it can be a source of frustration and even harm to your business.

Falling into this particular pitfall is certainly not a difficult feat.

The purpose of sales demonstrations is to showcase captivating characteristics and present a powerful vision of the product to prospective customers. These demos appeal to customers’ emotions, encouraging them to sign up without an in-depth assessment of the product’s functionality and support.

Although a first impression can be thrilling, there is no substitute for a comprehensive assessment of actual usability when determining if a tool is truly the optimal solution for your business obstacles.

Consult real user reviews

Before making a purchase, you should consult real user reviews prior to making a decision, ideally from a variety of source to fully understand the product’s pros and cons.

Once the colorful displays of demos have faded away into the night sky, what remains is the objective truth presented in reviews. While demos are meant to captivate and grab attention, reviews offer a clear-eyed assessment of the reality that lies beneath the spectacle.

At Voyager, we hold a great deal of pride in our ability to provide timely and adequate support to our Infinity customers. Our goal is to be a knowledgeable technological ally, always aware of the industry’s constant evolution while simultaneously growing alongside our clients.

Our implementation process is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded experience. Our training program is all-encompassing, covering every feature of our products and their applications. Our friendly support team is always available to provide help and assistance.

Our customers’ feedback often highlights the exceptional post-implementation support system that we provide as a recurring theme. We are proud to provide consistent, high-quality support to all of our clients.

According to Penny Lawson, a representative of Folio Recruitment, Infinity’s support services are exceptional. She praises the promptness with which any issues she encountered were resolved. She notes that the Infinity team appears to be genuinely invested in helping users maximize their use of the software, which she finds to be commendable.

Clayton Dempster, a representative from BRS Jobs, shares a similar sentiment. He expresses that he would never suggest Voyager to his competitors.

Seek additional validation for yourself

When it comes to CRM providers, each will boast about the quality of their recruitment agency software. According to them, their recruitment CRM system is unparalleled in the United Kingdom. To support their claim, they may offer a handful of client testimonials or case studies.

Relying on a small number of personally recommended customers is not a sufficient replacement for a reliable public platform for reviews, such as TrustPilot. It is worth considering why a prospective technology collaborator is not featured on such a platform.

The backbone of any recruitment business lies in its CRM

Choosing the right recruitment CRM is a crucial decision that must be made with careful consideration.

Our suggestion?

To ensure smooth operations for the business, it is imperative to exercise caution. Avoid hasty decisions, as well as risky ones.

Choosing the right recruitment CRM partner requires a considerable investment of time and energy. However, selecting the right partner is a strategic decision that will yield significant returns in the long term.

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