Ensuring Safety and Well-Being Through Industrial Hygiene: A Vital Aspect for Property Owners and More

In real estate, construction, and property management, numerous stakeholders are crucial in ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of occupants and the general public. Property owners, facilities managers, contractors, real estate investors, law firms, and insurance companies all share a collective responsibility to maintain, upgrade, or dispose of existing building assets. However, these projects often uncover environmental hazards that pose significant risks to people’s safety, health, and well-being. That’s where industrial hygiene comes into play.

Industrial Hygiene: Protecting People and the Environment

Industrial hygiene is a multidisciplinary field that identifies, assesses, and mitigates environmental and occupational hazards. Property owners and stakeholders often encounter hazards such as asbestos-containing building materials, mould, moisture issues, lead, contaminants, and pollutants when dealing with existing buildings, retrofit projects, real estate transactions, or demolition. If managed properly, these hazards can lead to serious health problems, legal issues, and financial liabilities.

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Intertek: Your Partner in Industrial Hygiene

Enter Intertek, a global leader in providing industrial hygiene services. With a legacy dating back to 1984, Intertek has accumulated vast experience and expertise in performing hundreds of thousands of industrial hygiene and indoor air quality projects, covering billions of square feet of building space. Their team of industrial hygienists and environmental and building science experts is equipped to handle environmental concerns in commercial and industrial properties, whether indoors or outdoors, above ground or below.

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services

Intertek offers a comprehensive range of industrial hygiene services tailored to the specific needs of property owners, facilities managers, contractors, real estate investors, law firms, and insurance companies. These services include:

Asbestos Testing & Consulting Services: Asbestos is commonly found in older buildings. Intertek can assess the presence of asbestos-containing materials and guide safe removal and disposal.

Environmental Construction Monitoring Services: During construction or renovation projects, Intertek monitors environmental conditions to ensure compliance with regulations and minimize potential risks.

Disinfection Process Management: In today’s world, disinfection is paramount. Intertek helps ensure that disinfection processes are effective and meet safety standards.

Indoor Air Quality: Poor indoor air quality can lead to health problems. Intertek assesses and improves indoor air quality to create healthier living and working environments.

Personnel Exposure Monitoring and Assessments: Intertek helps assess and mitigate exposure to harmful substances, safeguarding the health of workers and occupants.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections and Consulting Services: Lead-based paint is a significant concern in older buildings. Intertek can identify and manage lead-based paint hazards.

LEED & WELL Support: Intertek supports sustainable building practices by providing services contributing to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL certification requirements.


Industrial hygiene is essential to property management, construction, and real estate transactions. Property owners, facilities managers, contractors, real estate investors, law firms, and insurance companies must prioritize the safety and well-being of workers and the public. Intertek offers a wealth of experience and a wide range of industrial hygiene services to help clients comply with regulatory requirements and ensure safety. By partnering with Intertek, stakeholders can create safer, healthier, and more productive work environments that benefit everyone involved. So, contact Intertek today to explore their industrial hygiene solutions and take a significant step towards safeguarding lives and assets.

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